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Sustainable Leadership Summit with WWIRE




Leadership is about envisioning and shaping the future.

There is an urgent need in business today for a new type of leadership—one that makes the long-term sustainability of our world a top priority. 

Sustainable leadership is when leaders of businesses (often CEOs) manage companies with the environment, society, and long-term sustainable development goals in mind. 

Oftentimes, it’s referred to as PPP, or the triple bottom line: People, Planet, Profit. 

We will have these great sustainable leaders explaining at our summits their thought to improve our corporate world.

President Arborus
How Gender equality can bring better sustainable leadership in the real estate world which is the most important economy with over 236 Trillion $ of real estate properties in the world.
+Arborus work with education in the matter and having companies revise the gender leadership 

1st degree connection1st City Changer..Global Goodwill Ambassador. Ecosystems builder. SDGs leader. Proptech Advocate. Refugees voice

SDGs Leader. Urban Activist. City Changer. Voice of Voiceless People. Founder of first Real estate Institute in the Middle East and First SDGs inspired Think Tank in the Arab Region. I led urban policy consultancy projects in UAE, SAUDI, Bahrain and several emerging countries in Asia and Africa.
Perhaps you can speak about the Fiabci position on sustainable real estate and  your knowledge of bringing more sustainable Real estate and also how in Europe there will be a strategic change for the 4-5 million refugees that will be displaced in 27 countries in Europe 
Sustainable careers and also discussion of Peace in her training process with Noble peace prize team 
UK CPM Architect Atlantic Cluster Ikea Group
Experienced Architect Project Portfolio Manager with strong background in Retail and Hospitality and a passion for all sustainability issues. Currently involved in the Construction Project management of the new concepts of IKEA.
Katarzyna will discuss the advancement of Sustainability in Poland as well as brief information of
 a country absorbing 2 million refugees in 3 weeks first time in European History
Will describe sustainability in Digital real estate and her work with the Stem for the next generation


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