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Lisa I Delbarre President of Trocadero INVEST IMMO after a journey in the media for the Hachette group and the launch of successful financial newspapers, now offers its international clients exceptional real estate investment products.
It acts as a commercial intermediary by facilitating the reconciliation of supply and demand, by putting its customers in touch with Cac 40 companies in France and abroad.
Thanks to her recognized managerial talents in the technical, administrative, legal, financial and commercial fields, she is also a consultant for the companies Emerige or Kaufman and Broad. Lisa graduated from Havard and from the Essec Business School Paris & Singapore.

Her thesis (Diversity Management versus socio-economical realities) validating her ESSEC Strategy Management International Business diploma served as a reference for many women wishing to cross the glass ceiling.


The management of your real estate property relieves you of all relations with your tenants and allows you to optimize the profitability of your property. In this context, we carry out all tasks relating to the management and administration of assets and mainly:

– Accounting and financial management.
– Administrative and legal management
– Technical management

The legal aspect is monitored by a qualified lawyer.



The team of experienced women and men firm dedicated to real estate transactions puts their skills at the service of the sale and rental of apartments as well as in the field of commercial real estate, office buildings and walls and goodwill. The + With our lawyer, the preparation of the file and legal support is included.

Our experience as well as our network of partners (banks, lawyers, notarial studies) assure you all the efficiency and security necessary for the completion of your transactions.


In addition to the range of services offered and in a permanent promotion process, we can carry out an in-depth audit of your real estate assets in order to allow better optimization (improvement of profitability, optimization of taxation, transmissions, etc.)

Our methodology remains based on the following fundamentals: – A rigorous and consistent selection of goods. – A valuation of real estate assets by optimizing rental conditions. – An efficient and dynamic management. – A relevant and serene arbitration.