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Media Relations (Press, Radio, TV, Internet)

Our action is to strengthen, promote your image, maintain good relations between your company and your different audiences: journalists, media, customers, suppliers , local government officials.

The objective: to create sympathy capital for your brand (creation of events, press relations, on-line relations, influence communication, community management, business management of your community).

Editorial (Print & Digital)

Do you want to capture the attention of internet users and create a captive community around your brand?

The growth of companies depends for a lot on their digital communication, LDB Media relies on a team of experts to develop your strategy of capturing and retaining customers, to carry out communication actions on the web, social media and mobile terminals (website, mobile site, tablet, SEO, web marketing, social networks, e-reputation, etc.).

Brand content / Brand culture

LDB Media is used to identifying needs and analyzing markets in order to position itself in the face of competition.

To respond to specific communication issues, such as an IPO, crisis management, multicultural communication between several countriesLDB Media whose writing is at the heart of profession, thanks to its team of bilingual journalists, ensures the branding of your brand, through articles, files and interviews, intended for internal communication media (internal newspapers, newsletters, intranet) or for external communication (newspapers, presentations institutional reports, annual reports, brochures).

Social networks

From the analysis of your positioning to the design of an effective audiovisual strategy, we create your video content to tell real stories to share.

Take advantage of the impact of video to reveal the full potential of your storytelling and amplify the resonance of your campaigns or launches. Through its transmedia dissemination, the storytelling of the company is accessible via corporate sites, blogs, social networks, video platforms, Web TV.


Commercial communication strategy

Promoting awareness of “customer service” or “business performance” allows you to improve and increase customer loyalty. </ span>

Our support is based on practical cases with interactive, lively methods and numerous scenarios (role-playing, workshop, extreme sport, incentive and reward trips ).

In an increasingly competitive environment, our team of experts, all from the world of large groups, provides you with effective and personalized training or training methodologies. to better differentiate yourself.

Because commercial and relational efficiency are essential and unique, the multidisciplinary team of LDB Consulting “takes care of your success”, personalizes its actions and supports you internationally.

Media Training carried out by journalists

Communicating is not just about exposing. It is also about making choices, editorializing, filtering, orienting, giving meaning and telling a story.

For a leader or manager, master their communication with journalists, their teams, their social partners, has become essential. Understand the rule of the media game, structure and prioritize information in a simple and effective way of speaking. Integrating the keys to good speech, learning to tell a story through storytelling, allows the manager or manager to generate strong emotions that will make customers receptive to their brand.

The LDB Media team trains and trains facing the camera with a journalist, to master interviews on a TV set, public speaking, conference presentations . The team puts at the disposal of the leader or manager the audiovisual technical means (JRI, cameras, sound and lights, studio and TV set) to assert and enrich their personal style and carry the values ​​of the company. < / p>

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