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Groupe Optim is an independent French company created 22 years ago by 4 partners who still run the business today.

We operate everywhere in France, from the design to the completion of your work and your layouts on all types of assets with a strong base with recurring or punctual French and international user customers and any size.

The company based in Ivry sur Seine is made up of 60 employees and is structured around 4 operational areas:

  • Architecture and Design
  • Construction economics
  • Global engineering and fluid design office
  • Realization, coordination and management of works

We mainly work in the AMO and General Contracting trades, which represent respectively 15 and 85% of our annual turnover which amounted to 27.2 million euros in 2018 and that we project to more than 32 million in 2019.

Each year we deliver and fit out more than 120,000 m2 of offices and industrial premises as part of our multi-year contracts or following ad hoc consultations on entire buildings or macro-lots .

Our size, our experience, our ability to listen and understand, our reactivity, our strength of proposal and the relationship of trust that we have with our partners are decisive assets to continue to serve well. our customers and grow.

We also have a strong purchasing culture with our suppliers and we have established lasting partnerships with all of our service providers in all trades and all territories, this which assures us relevance, reactivity and competitiveness during the establishment of our offers and especially in the implementation and execution of our sites.

Its new area of ​​development is now in energy with the launch of climate engineering and energy efficiency solutions under the OptimEnergie brand.


Scope of intervention

Our experience on projects of all sizes with our large account customers, in particular multi-site networks, gives us a perfect understanding of the major challenges of often complex operations. Realization of the works for part in occupied site and / or in shifted schedules. Need for a clear separation of construction site areas from active areas, protection of pedestrian areas on the street.

Keeping to deadlines by simultaneously carrying out a certain number of operations within the framework of the project. The aspects linked to operational planning are fundamental (deliveries, evacuations, access to the site, etc.)


Design : A team of designers attentive to your requirements and your A.D.N

Furniture : A wide, dynamic choice in harmony with your colors and your identity

Energy Efficiency : Ecological standards are one of our priorities. We harmonize your project with environmental requirements

Smart Building : New technologies, management of spaces assisted by AI, cloud booking, intelligent management, rate analysis ‘occupation

Financial study : The experience of the Optim Group delivers you a precise and detailed and reliable budget.

Planning : Organization and anticipation are the key to a project with controlled costs and deadlines </ span>

Construction : Our engineers, architects, design offices work in the field to ensure the proper execution of your works < / span>

14 rue Jules Vanzuppe 94200 Ivry sur Seine