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We are the world’s #1 ecosystem connecting the world’s top, trusted global brands, policy makers and media outlets seeking to allocate $1B in capital and contracts to qualified, vetted & trained women leaders and CEO’s.

With these resources this new generation of CEO’s are expected to grow ventures that collectively create over $100B in social and economic impact across the globe by 2030.  In this way, we are proud to empower women and the global brands they do business with and change the world for good, together.

Our Purpose:  To empower women to build a global sustainable future through the elevation of women, and to demystify and democratize access to driving revenue and access to capital resources for women everywhere.

Our Vision:   A financial empowerment organization that uses our trusted relationships, experiences and data to bridge women leaders and entrepreneurs and the corporations seeking to do business with them.

Our Mission:  To create a global sustainable future through the empowerment of women & diverse leaders.

Our Goal:  To Become the #1 Financial Empowerment Community for Women Worldwide with an impact to “Empower a Billion Women”.

Our How:  Our solutions help women create and grow the business they love.  EBW makes it easy by developing proprietary solutions and curating the tools, tech and resources from corporations we know and trust into our one-stop-shop to support women from start, growth and scale.

We deliver a complete system, combining mentorship & training along with products and services, to current and future female entrepreneurs, which will allow them to build businesses of sustained value and create the economic & social progress the world desires. We are a global movement giving inspired women of purpose and impact access to mentorship, community, education, financial literacy and a powerful network to succeed as leaders and entrepreneurs.  Our proprietary approach, data and software MintHER allows us to 1) help women gain confidence and clarity over their finances (74% of small business fail due to lack of financial literacy) and 2) match women and capital/ contracts to help them grow and get over the $1M annual revenue mark (currently less than 1.4% of women do).

Using technology & community, we are democratizing and scaling mentorship for women with a mission to “change the ratio” and with a goal to Empower a Billion Women by 2020. Together, we are creating a global sustainable future for all generations.

Our Why:  Women reinvest 90% of what they earn back into their families, communities and ultimately the world.  The more women make, the more they impact.  By helping women worldwide make more doing what they love- together we will create jobs, impact and the global sustainable future we all envision for future generations.

Our Impact:  Through our partners, our system and our Foundation- to impact a billion women globally to inspire them with the tools, tech and resources to be successful leaders and entrepreneurs.

Our Results:  Leveraging our partner network and our innovative analytics and fintech software to allocated $1B in contracts and capital to women led business owners.


“We believe in the power of women working alongside the men who support us, and we know, if we are going to create the global sustainable future we want to see, it is happening through a new set of eyes: the eyes of women. We know that all our prep has paid off for a time such as this.” Ingrid Vanderveldt