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Who are we?

First, it is the improbable meeting of two worlds: culture and real estate and the meeting between two women with shared values.

Delphine Zarka-Moussin

Deputy general manager of the Ibiza agency specializing in real estate communication, I have been assisting major promotion accounts for over 10 years in real estate operations and neighborhood operations from the development phases to the commercial launch.

Within Culture Urba, I assure the commercial development and I find the compatibilities between the projects, their actors and the approach. I establish the marketing strategy so that the content created is usable and relayed.

Pascale Paulat

Cultural entrepreneur for 16 years, I lead the Ere de Jeu association that I founded in 2002 to act on education through culture for all from a very young age. Programmer “all terrain” (festivals and events in heritage places, museums, theaters, public spaces, brownfields), I now support communities, associations and businesses on cultural issues of territory. Within Culture Urba I compose tailor-made programs, I create mobile, agile and “swarmable” concepts. I assure the relationship with associations and communities.


What is Urba culture? :

  • It’s creating inclusive and engaging urban activities.
  • It’s swarming with innovative concepts and practices
  • It means supporting local actors to change
  • It is advising communities and promoters to create new public / private arrangements and win-win
  • This is to help companies to integrate into the eco-system of a territory and allow them to develop their own concept there

Urba culture in action:

Advice & studies : Project issues, target audiences and the territory

Cultural Mediation : With communities, cultural actors and audiences

Artistic programming : In collaboration with local actors to ensure the sustainability of the actions

Communication of events : Promotion of programs via a platform dedicated to the project

Lead generation : Qualification of prospects and their real estate project

Audit of actions : Carried out with local actors and the public

12 rue Marceau 93100 Montreuil