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ARP Astrance

Our activities :

Our 90 collaboratrice.eurs exercise their skills in real estate strategy, project management, programming, interior design, environmental engineering.


Our four core businesses:

Council, Innovation and Digital
Develop strategies and building policies and program a property whose keystone is the performance of use, and that reflects the new ways of working and collaboration combining physical and digital experiences.

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responsible Property
Develop strategies and plans not only saving resources, low carbon emitters, but also promote the positive impacts of real estate.

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Interior design and Design
Develop and implement spaces that contribute to the quality of life of employees in the performance of organizations, make echoes the culture of the occupying business and to take users to new ways of living spaces.

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Biodiversity and Biophilia (Gondwana)
Protect the living and capitalize on its contribution to a livable and desirable city by deploying an ecosystem vision in which the Human to him.

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Know us :

In 1992, Beatrice MOAL, certified architect and engineer of ESTP, creates ARP Astrance. The company acts as counsel and AMO to respond to the real estate sector transformation challenges: new uses of spaces, new ways of working, digitization activities, transition and adaptation to climate change, biodiversity enhancement, quality life and inclusion.

ARP Astrance, the first specialized company in real estate certified B Corporation® in France.


Contact us :

ARP Astrance, 9 avenue Percier, 75008 Paris

Phone. 01 58 44 99 20