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Promotion of equality between

women and men

Arborus supports companies wishing to enter into a process of professional equality at European and international level. Creator of the GEEIS label, the operator of which is Bureau Veritas Certification.

Arborus, an NGO which aims to promote women in decision-making positions, works, in collaboration with businesses and public authorities, to help them take into account the reality of the world of work in the various legislative or normative systems, on the question of equality between women and men and more generally of equal opportunities.

In particular, she was responsible for the implementation of the Equality Label, launched in 2004, by the Minister for Parity and Equality, Nicole Ameline. – word of the Equality Label Club, created under the aegis of the government in 2006, which brings together all the companies holding the Equality Label in France.

Since 2004, Cristina Lunghi President of Arborus has created The short scale which consists in connecting women members of Arborus (godmothers), exercising responsibilities in companies and young women, graduates ( godchildren), encountering professional integration difficulties and facing the risk of discrimination on the grounds of their sex, ethnic origin and / or their place of residence. In 2011, this system was extended to young girls from middle schools located in disadvantaged areas so that they could benefit from the support of a woman from outside their social milieu. This action aims to allow them to acquire new looks and positioning allowing them to make personal choices, at the decisive moment of school orientation. This approach opens up a field of possibilities and the possibility of moving towards multiple professional fields with a view to developing a mix of professions and creating a pool of mixed talents for the recruitment of young graduates.



Cristina Lunghi, President of Arborus is a woman who acts daily in the corporate world on the subjects of “change” and “inclusion”. Woman of commitment, convinced European, she is recognized for her ability to model processes. It is responsible for national, European and international certifications on these subjects.

The GEEIS label: a label for professional equality and inclusion

The GEEIS label assesses and promotes companies with a proactive approach to professional equality, both at the level of the parent company and within their subsidiaries which have wished to have management tools successful for their gender equality policy.

Since 2017, the Arborus Endowment Fund has been implementing a methodological tool complementary to GEEIS: the GEEIS-DIVERSITY label.

This tool takes into account the question of diversity and its inclusion in the company all over the world, taking into account regional or local specificities relating to these themes.
The GEEIS-DIVERSITY label allows you to approach a global and humanist vision of the company.