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ANI Immobilier in Antony

Hello, I’m Ghislaine PRIVAL ,

I have been working as a real estate agent since 1990. It is a real passion that I received from my mother. I also used the name of her agency: ANI Agence Nguyen Immobilier , and, like her, I settled in Antony.

Antony is a city I have always known. I know almost every street, every turn. It is a lively, extremely dynamic city, which evolves with the times. It is eco-urban, with its center and its green spaces: its green flow.

Antony, I live there. In the spring, during a survey, I marvel to see the roses hanging on a millstone bloom.

Through real estate I meet people. And I love people. I like listening to them, giving them advice in a field that is becoming more and more complex from a legal and financial point of view. The relationship with my clients is absolutely fundamental. The key is trust. I accompany them to carry out their life project. I help them make the right decisions.

Far from a certain form of commerce, I am looking for people, because for me real estate is a transmission.

It will be a pleasure to meet you and support you in the realization of your sale or purchase project.

Since 2017 my classic activity with individuals has expanded with promoters and investors.


Who are we?

Estate agents from generation to generation, a passion passed down from mother to daughter.
We have been working for many years on Antony and its region and its neighboring cities.

The negotiators are handpicked according to their proximity to your city: Antony.
For many years, we have woven a relational network that allows us to have feedback from buyers and sellers.

Our relationship also extends to colleagues and thus amplifies your sales possibilities.