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members Free
  • Access to articles
  • Access to videos
  • Participation in events
  • Job board
members Premium
€100.00 every 4 Months
  • 250 € / year instead of 400 €
  • All the free offer +
  • Premium member articles
  • Webinars (great real estate personalities 1 time / month who will speak and exchange with members)
  • Coaching discount
  • Special prices for Premium members of real estate partner events (Rent, franchise lounge, MIPIM etc.)
  • Wwire and real estate event lists


1000€ instead of 2500€

Develop its network with women in solidarity in real estate.

Go to the end of his project with the help of the other members of his circle.

Helping other women by being a mentor

Meet real estate personalities to learn to discover and be
advised by pillars of real estate

Job search:
  • private coaching (personal branding, public speaking, self-confidence, etc.)
  • Real estate network
  • help Janicka Bassis +30 years in real estate to find the company that suits you
Development of prospects:

Help you find the clients you need, you learn thanks to Janicka Bassis’ network to find the promoters and developers you need for your business

Develop your company:

For startups and young companies helps you to develop your business by bringing you investors or partners or clients to develop your business thanks to its network of more than 30 years in real estate

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