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The circle of Women Real Estate Presidents:
The space for discussion between leaders and opinion leaders. Every day we have to think, decide, act, interact, to provide the best answers and make the right decisions.

Together we will discuss women leadership, exchange contacts, reflections on today’s world and the place of women leaders in our society. But also we will take the time to relax and take time for ourselves, for our well-being. And leave our mark on future generations and real estate.


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Giving yourself the means to exchange and share with the right people by becoming a member of the WWIRE Club

The first network of women in real estate

Every day we need to: research, share, exchange, inform, publish, discover, learn and grow our network .
A network 100% dedicated to all sectors of real estate and its trades. A unique professional platform for real estate players.
Every day we have to think, decide, act, interact, to provide the best answers and make the right decisions .


WWIRE values

  • Women leadership
  • Solidarity between women
  • Kindness within companies
  • Diversity
  • Parity in management positions, COMEX, CODIR
  • Equal pay for women and men
  • The audacity that unites us and makes us free
Janicka Bassis

Janicka Bassis President and Founder of WWIRE

Janicka Bassis, founder of World Women In Real Estate, the community of women leaders in real estate created in 2012. Today WWIRE has more than 45,000 contacts, therefore 40,000 women leaders.

After a 30-year career, Janicka Bassis has decided to devote herself to women leadership in the real estate sector around the world. She has made it her mission to create a rewarding sphere of mutual aid for women entrepreneurs thanks to the WWIRE community.

Today Janicka has more than 40,000 executive contacts in the real estate world in France and abroad.



the first book on women presidents in real estate. We invite you to share their journeys and their successes.

these daring women:

A. François-Cuxac, M. Aulagnon, N. Palladitcheff, S. Cardot, C. Fumagalli, Catherine Guyot, E. Emin, V. Guillemin


les entreprises qui accompagnent WWIRE