The WWIRE club a veritable circle of influence

The WWIRE club a veritable circle of influence

A privileged space to bring out ideas, share them and feed one’s projects. This is the ambition we have.

The club is an idea that was very important to us. There are many around the world, but few are aimed at women and particularly in the professional real estate world.

We wanted to create a space where women can meet, exchange, share freely. Whether they are managers, women presidents of the CAC 40, founders of startups, entrepreneurs, real estate professionals or young talents, they are welcome.

Becoming a member of the WWIRE Club means giving yourself the means to exchange and share with the right people to advance your business and projects

Within the WWIRE Club, accessible only to registered members you will discover the different circles of experts, leaders and talents.

Our goal is to address the major themes that interest you and help you move forward in your projects, give weight to your leadership and your ideas.

Once a month, members meet around projects that are close to their hearts, examine new applications, discuss the economic and environmental challenges of real estate and naturally enrich their network.

To become a member of the WWIRE Club for Women in Real Estate, contact us on the WWIRE website and we will send you the registration request form and methods. We will be very happy to count you among us.

During the month of January, follow us on the WWIRE website and we will give you more details on the club and its members.