The Prime Minister of Finland is a woman, she is also the youngest leader on the planet.

The Prime Minister of Finland is a woman, she is also the youngest leader on the planet.

Unbelievable ! They are five women, including Prime Minister Sanna Marin at the head of the coalition parties. Four are under 35 years of age. I feel like I’m going to love Finland even more. Seeing so many women leaders in the same government coalition excites me. Seen from Finland, this seems completely natural. “It is not really a surprise given that Finland is one of the countries with the most gender equality; it was the first country in the world to grant women the full exercise of their political rights ”, recalls Susan Hyttinen, project manager at the Franco-Finnish Chamber of Commerce.

For me it is a dream that I would like to see applied in many countries around the world.

In the Finnish political landscape, Sanna Marin is far from being an unknown. In 2014, she was elected vice-president of the SDP. A few months before the legislative elections, Sanna Marin had been responsible for leading the electoral campaign for her party, which she did successfully. On April 14, she was re-elected to parliament with nearly 20,000 votes, the highest score for a Social Democratic candidate. In early June, Antti Rinne appointed her to the Ministry of Transport and Communication, in the most feminine government in the world, with twelve women and eight men. Unheard of elsewhere, politicians, take some seed!

Sanna Marin has had a dazzling career with her party. In 2006, she joined the youth movement of the Social Democratic Party, in 2012, she tried her luck and won a seat on the city council of her city. A year later, she took over the leadership, before being elected vice-chairman of the Social Democratic Party in 2014, then becoming a member of parliament in 2015.

His first steps at the head of the Finnish government are not going to be easy. On Monday, December 9, nearly 100,000 workers began a three-day strike at the behest of industry unions and employees. To those who criticize her for being too close to the former Prime Minister Antti Rinne, she replies: “Everyone who knows me knows that you cannot control me. ”

I do not know Sanna Marin personally, but she seems to me to be the ideal portrait of these women leaders, full of character, possessing an unshakable will which must be for us true models of inspiration.