The Medef Executive Council on the right path to feminization

The new Medef Executive Council which met on January 14, 2020 reflects the strong will of Medef entrepreneurs to be even more representative of the changes in society. The Council Executive goes from 45 to 51 members, with 51% of new members and 25% of women, thus approaching the objective of economic parity (30%) to be reached at the end of the mandate.

Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux affirms this, the rebalancing of the governing bodies of Medef is a real concern for Medef . He proposed to the Executive Council to adopt a charter so that from 8% the Medef increases to 30% of women within 3 to 4 years, the end of its mandate, an ambition more than laudable that we applaud.
Medef had already paved the way with the appointment of Laurence Parisot as its director between 2005 and 2013 . Unfortunately, due to the lack of candidates, it was not possible to repeat the initiative, as the management of Medef regretted.

We are confident that the disparities in the allocation of posts have decreased. Medef is now working on the representativeness of women in the important consultations held on the main major files with the government and the social partners. Today, there are often no women in the employers’ delegations. Take also the major negotiations that have taken place in recent months: on pensions, the employer leader is a man. Unemployment insurance negotiation was also a man who was the negotiator. All important, so-called noble subjects, such as taxation, corporate taxes are still borne by men. We are optimistic and we support women in all these advances. There is no reason why decision-making and discussions should not be treated with a view to parity between men and women, just like the representativeness of women worldwide in our current society.

Fortunately, there are women to support these societal changes within Medef. Like Dominique Carlach ’49 years old spokesperson and vice-president of the employers’ movement.

For this ex-top athlete, this is the culmination of a multi-year corporate commitment. “Women are very present in society in general but we are very few in the business world,” she explains in the new offices of her company, D & Consultant, a consulting firm in financing and innovation. The intentions are there.

As such, we can only welcome the presence of Alexandra François-Cuxac on the executive council of Medef.

President of the Federation of Real Estate Developers (she and was the first female president in June 2015), she is a personality that we greatly admire at WWIRE. We owe him the wonderful introduction to the book Les Audacieuses, a book written by Janicka Bassis. We are convinced of its commitment and its role within Medef, we are proud to see the real estate sector thus represented in employers’ bodies.

We can only encourage Medef in this direction. Even more than their side, the employee unions are lagging behind in terms of the feminization of the apparatuses.

No union center is headed by a woman. There was Laurence Parisot and in the 2000s Nicole Notat, who was president of the CFDT, and that’s it. Moreover, the CFDT is one of the few to have imposed perfect equality in its statutes and to stick to it. If we look at the CGT, which is often indignant about the wage differentials between men and women, well this is not very mixed. No better for Force Ouvrière. All are trying to correct the situation, but the margins for progress are important and the resistance very strong. Gentlemen, you still have work, the path to parity is still long.