Stephanie Cardot Chairman of the Board of Directors of To do Today

Stéphanie Cardot Stéphanie Cardot is chairman of the board of directors of To do Today Stéphanie Cardot is also an agent of 4 other companies. She created TDTD in 2001, driven by a deep conviction: fostering exchange and cohesion in the workplace is enabling everyone to exploit their potential to the full. For you and for the company. The quest for meaning at work is today the primary objective of employees, especially new entrants to the job market. For 16 years, TDTD programs have embodied the values ​​of corporate clients and energized their policy of attracting and retaining talent. From programming to operation, TDTD models the working environment of tomorrow and values ​​the assets of our real estate partners: so that the real estate offer is not reduced to m2, TDTD creates real estate communities and develops the feeling of ‘membership. Equipped with innovative digital tools, it is with passion that these 180 employees are committed to enabling everyone to LIVE FULL: A Life Free from Constraints, A Life in Full Form and A Committed Life.