Lorna Williams graduated from the University of Houston with a double degree in Economics and Psychology. She has worked in various industries such as insurance, finance, telecommunications, health care and commercial lending.

She is the CEO of Essential Services Now. She operates a virtual home-baded business that provides funding for various industries globally from real estate, oil and gas, solar and sustainability to name a few sectors.

Lorna is the President of World Women In Real Estate Texas. She has build a relationship of trust with the members where she has developed an active referral relationship.

 I was told recently that if you interview 100 of your clients your business model will change. It has also been said that most people do not listen to understand. They only listen to respond.

Everyone you speak to in business is either a client or knows someone who is your client. Choose to listen. People do not care how much you know until they know how much you care. I lead my caring and building genuine relationships with my clients.

So in business so in life. If you genuinely care about people they will know. And people do business with those they know, like and trust.

Women have an added advantage of being more relational than transactional. Women are nurturers by nature. They know how to give birth and labor. Whether in childbirth or with a business.

The late Dr Miles Monroe said that whatever you give a woman she multiples. Companies earn more revenue when they hire more women. They are multifaceted and can multitask.

Regarding business to business referrals I bring my personality into my business.I do not compartmentalize my work from my personal life.  I treat everyone that I meet like family. I love people and I use things. I don’t use people and love things.

 Lorna used to be part of the world’s largest referral networking organization in the world. I was taught a unique skill set. When the average business owner meets someone new they are naturally trying to sell them their product or service.

She is known as the Queen of referrals.

If on the other hand, they would find out what they do, who is their ideal client and who they would like to meet, the person they meet with would be more inclined to help them with their business as well. I lead by being a resource to those around me by connecting them with who they like to meet for their business.

It also helps to belong to various networking groups so you can be a resource to business owners that you would like as your clients. The more help and business you bring to your prospective clients, the more they will be inclined to do business with you.

I will also suggest that you follow up with those you meet in a timely manner.  90% of business owners either do not follow up with prospects or clients. Focus more on building long term relationships than being transactional. That way you will get repeat business through referrals.

Have character and integrity. If you say you are going to do something do it. Also it is better to under promise and over deliver rather than over promise and under deliver. It builds credibility.

The Covid 19 pandemic has opened opportunities to do more business as people have had to depend increasingly more on technology and social media applications. Women in real estate now have the option to work from home as many industries including real estate move towards remote or hybrid working to mitigate the spread of Covid 19.

Social media networks are becoming the new norm to build and foster referral relationships.  Women are more relational than transactional in nature and over time develop more lasting business relationships which leads to repeat business and referrals.

Lorna Williams is President of the WWIRE chapter in Texas. She has been in Clubhouse from the beginning and has over +5100 followers.

Through the people Lorna met on clubhouse she was able to start a business and also expand her customer base for commercial lending.

 Every Saturday on Clubhouse Lorna organizes fascinating rooms on Real Estate Financing for the Club World Women Impacting Real Estate (Over 2500 members)  and animates up to 6 hours of information every week with leading speakers on Real Estate Financing.

Lorna has hosted already over 50 hours of recording on Clubhouse about Financing Foreclosures, Tax Lien Investing in Texas, Creative Financing, Joint Venture Real Estate, and Private Equity. All very important information from leading financial experts all over America.

Lorna’s professional goal is to build long term business relationships with her clients and help them to achieve their vision and purpose. She is a visionary and wants to leave a legacy and positive impact on those she meets.