Millennials are welcome at WWIRE

Born from 1980, millennials or generation Y reached majority in the early 2000s. Young people often treated by individualist generations who think only of themselves. The image of prostrate people with their eyes riveted on the smartphone screen sticks to their skin. In fact, it is above all a generation that redefines the ways of expressing itself and claims more horizontality.

Their use of social networks gives rise to new ways of expressing themselves. We are witnessing a redefinition of the concept of community from this generation.

Another factor is that they are the first generation to be poorer than their parents. According to researcher Sarah Pickard, this is the effect of the austerity policies carried out over the past decades, particularly in Great Britain. These are the children of the baby boomers and today they are faced with a whole series of employment, housing and educational problems.

This generation is “inventing a new economic model” explains Emmanuelle Duez, founder of The Boson Project a consultancy that promotes young people. The company? Is it “tough” , “Cruel”, and it’s a “jungle.” So much for the legacy bequeathed by a generation of quadra parents who have maintained a sacrificial relationship with their work and with the company.

So what does WWIRE do in this landscape far from its main concerns, women and real estate?

It is simply the real estate sector. Professionals have clearly identified the challenges of this generation, its uses, expectations and rejections.

Unlike previous generations, the Millennial Generation favors travel and leisure rather than the purchase of their main residence and therefore remains a tenant at the start of their entry into working life. However, they are seriously thinking of buying their first home around their thirties and most of them are more likely to wish to invest in peri-urban areas rather than in cities, which are more affordable and quieter to live in.

Rental real estate investment is not really part of their projects, they are only only 10% thinking about it. Generation Y currently represents 40% of future property buyers in France . 3 millennials out of 10 want to become homeowners quickly, which is not really a surprise, when we know that the purchase of a main residence is the act most envisaged by the French (17%) according to a study conducted with Ifop on the French relationship to real estate.

Millennials pay close attention to the environment and sustainable policies of the city in which they plan to buy or invest. Almost all believe that the presence of a green space nearby is important, air quality is an essential parameter in the choice of location. In addition, they believe that a voluntary city policy in favor of sustainable development, particularly in terms of sorting waste, is important when buying real estate.

For their real estate research, it is quite naturally on the mobile (77%) which is the tool acclaimed by this generation, but 88% nevertheless call on real estate professionals.  

Accustomed to surfing the web quickly, a young client who cannot find the information he is looking for on a site beyond 3 seconds goes away. The content of a real estate site must therefore be of quality, well organized and diversified as well by texts, photos or videos.

Open to new tools, the attention of millennials will be captured by 3D presentations, 360 ° videos, practical features such as geolocation with point of interest nearby … Some real estate professionals have made their sales strategy.

Millennials are very present on social networks, they connect to it several times a day. So do not hesitate to publish content daily on these same social networks.

Finally, responsiveness and availability are qualities that real estate agents must have to attract young clients.

Our millennials represent an important potential market, but beware, they are demanding and well informed.

This is why WWIRE wishes today to accompany and guide them in their future investments. Through the WWIRE club which opens its doors in January 2020 we offer an “Investing in real estate” space specially designed for them. A dedicated space to allow them to get in touch with real estate professionals and benefit from the experience of Janicka Bassis CEO of WWIRE. They will be able to take advantage of their advice and supervision throughout their investment projects in order to make the right choices.

Generation Y is welcome to the WWIRE club, we pay special attention to them and will be very happy to welcome them among our members. Don’t hesitate to register for our conference on January 16 to find out more.