In 2019, where are the women CEOs?

Recently, some information has been telescoping and could make you smile, but it has mainly caused me some annoyance.

In Fortune, there was an article titled “Wall Street never had a female CEO. Why not? “As if the question was not self-evident.

One of the most depressing passages from the article that made me jump: during the testimony before Congress, the representative present was asked: “If you believe that your probable successor will be a woman or a person of color , would you kindly raise your hand? The bank CEO politely raised his hand.

The week following the publication of the article, the only CEO of a large existing bank announced his retirement … to be replaced by a white man.

The article said that Wall Street was on the verge of having a female CEO ten years ago, but in the years following the financial crisis, the diversity of the industry has shrunk (surprisingly). As if this crisis was mainly due to women.

I am not sure that in France the situation is really more enviable for women leaders. The harsh “glass ceiling” law still prevents women from rising to the top of the hierarchy of organizations, and in particular at the head of the largest French or global companies.

The three women of the CAC 40 will not be able to contradict me: Isabelle Kocher for ENGIE, Elisabeth Badinter for Publicis, Sophie Bellon for Sodexo.

Let us hope that these signals towards more feminization in the years to come progress a little faster. And this in all sectors of activity and at all levels of hierarchy. Women must believe in their potential and their skills. They can access leadership positions, they have the qualities, the talent and the energy, whatever the company around the world. We are convinced of this at WWIRE. Let’s play!