If Barack Obama says it, you can believe it

Barack Obama, the former. President of the United States stood out on December 16 by throwing a few tirades on the women who, I admit, made me very happy.

“Ladies, I want you to know: you are not perfect, but, undoubtedly, you are better than us!”. Incredible, this funny tirade comes out of the mouth of Michelle Obama’s husband, role model and particularly inspiring girl power icon.

I can’t believe my ears, I must dream, to listen to the one who was a few years during the most powerful man in the world, our planet would be much better “if women ruled all the countries of the world”. What a magnificent ambition and so perfectly summed up. When I say this to my friends, they find me utopian and a bit arrogant. You will see, one day we will come!

And the former President of the United States does not stop there …

“Most of the problems in the world are caused by elderly people, especially old men, who are unable to give up their place,” he continued.

Wait, read on, it’s amazing! …

“It would be enough for women to take the reins” for two years “only for our society to come out better” on just about everything “.

The old world has lasted too long. It may be time to find an alternative to a patriarchy as outdated as it is murderous. Very “working girl power” words that please people in these times, aren’t they girls? In any case, I almost swallowed my coffee askance while listening to these sentences, I love it and it makes me optimistic at the end of the year.

Today, Obama persists and signs. In Singapore, he told the men leaders “that they will not be there for life”. A nice reminder for them. Who run the world? Girls.