How to invest in real estate?

This is a bit of the question everyone is asking. Who has not at one time or another had the desire and the means to invest in real estate? Lack of time, not sure of mastering the subject, and then a little complicated. Manage a rental property, or more it is preparing. Going on an adventure alone can be risky, especially when you don’t know where to start and have not anticipated all the possible pitfalls. Where how a great investment opportunity can turn into a bad dream.

It is from this observation that we chose our theme for our conference on December 2 in Paris. We decided to give voice to young women entrepreneurs from the world of start-ups and digital. At the head of companies at the crossroads of digital and real estate, we wanted to share their experiences, their findings and their advice. Understand how digital has revolutionized the real estate business and simplify rental investment projects.

Through their company LAFIA INVEST, the two sisters Aissata Sacko and Oumou Gory offer to support you from A to Z in your rental investment projects. With their expertise in the field, they understood that the key word was simplification, facilitating access to rental investment, and this at each stage, from the project, to the choice of the property, including financing and even works. In short, turnkey to save time, optimize costs, have real-time monitoring of the project and ultimately simplify life.

Thu Trang Vo Hong, founder of NAOS real estate, is at the head of a real network of Naossians as she calls them. Based on the observation that today 95% of clients start their real estate project on the Internet, NAOS real estate has become the meeting point between passionate professionals and clients wishing to invest in real estate.

Noting that trust in real estate agents was fairly blunted NAOS immobilier has set itself the mission of building a relationship of trust between real estate agents and clients by relying on innovative, effective tools and its network of independent experts.

We did not choose its three young female entrepreneurs by chance. Our ambition is to highlight the success and expertise of women in real estate. Giving them a voice also means showing that we can be young and have talent.