# donttouchmyCEO

# donttouchmyCEO

Behind this hashtag hides a real wave of solidarity around Isabelle Kocher, the CEO of Engie. Several of the group’s employees have declared their support for their chief executive officer by speaking on social networks, notably Twitter. It is a real community of women, as only social networks are able to mobilize, which defends Isabelle Kocher’s inclusive vision for women at Engie: 30% women in COMEX 30% women in recruitment 25% of women in the workforce 50% of women among managers.

Not bad is not it ?

And if that were not enough, it is criticized for being too green … Certainly, it is not good to be a woman at the head of a CAC 40 company.

His supporters did not hesitate to launch. A petition on the famous change.org platform. I cannot resist putting the text of the petition to you:

Because Isabelle Kocher supports an ambitious project for the environment, for employment, for industry, for regions, for training young people, for women, for access to energy for all.
Because this strategy is bearing fruit
Because the dynamic is on the move inside and outside ENGIE
Because we need a strong group to ensure the transformation and transition to zero carbon
Because we refuse a short-term and only financial vision
Because dismantling crushes this positive momentum for all

We support the vision and the strategy carried by our general manager Isabelle Kocher

I love it when women mobilize, they have real convictions, they fight for the planet and have a vision full of common sense and especially in the long term. This is why I am proud to be a member of WWIRE and to be part of a community of talented women. Sorry friends, I am kindling, because Isabelle Kocher’s vision is close to my heart and not only because I am a woman, but because we need more women leaders like them.

And the little question that tickles, do you think that a man leader would have been criticized for being too green?