130 measures and a commitment without measure

You have to have a certain guts to face an areopagus of “powerful” real estate and the BTP after having brought a law which sometimes makes them … yellow smile, and to launch them “you, here, are responsible for 70% of waste produced in France. ”

Most of them are men, “hands in the billions” she will remind them.

She . Because in front of this parterre of ties, it’s a young woman speaking.

Brune Poirson, 37, secretary of state to the Minister for the Ecological and Inclusive Transition, vice-president of the UN Environment Assembly, received the Jury’s Golden Stone on January 29, 2020, awarded by the real estate press group Immoweek.

Far from the tongue-in-cheek, recognizing that “it was not easy at first with certain players in the sector”, she nevertheless wanted to be resolutely positive and encouraged to see the building as “a bank of materials that we can reuse” , emphasizing that the audience’s decision-makers are “the bearers of the beauty of France, the sector that shapes cities and territories. ”

This position sums up perfectly an exemplary sincerity and determination – which did not fail to annoy sometimes.

International route

Born in Washington but of Vauclusian roots – she has dual nationality -, Brune Poirson goes on to major schools: after preparing Letters in Paris, Institut d’études politiques d’Aix-en-Provence, London School of Economics, Harvard Kennedy School of Government. Nice journey!

These studies and their flawlessness allow him to become, after a year at the British National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts, project manager at the French Development Agency in India. She will continue working for Veolia Water India: director of sustainable development and social responsibility. Then back to the USA, to Boston precisely, where Brune Poirson is a researcher in social innovation and corporate social responsibility.

All this until 2016, before she was elected deputy LREM of Vaucluse in 2017: mandate of the most ephemeral since she is immediately called to the Government, but which still gives her the satisfaction of beating the deputy of Marine Maréchal – who still signed Maréchal-Le Pen.

“Realism is anything but renunciation”

Brune Poirson was then completely unknown to the media and the general public, and the minister to whom she was attached, Nicolas Hulot, attracted the light. This does not seem to bother his secretary of state who, discreet, learns and works. Hulot, after his resounding resignation in August 2018, is replaced by François de Rugy who will have to step aside in July 2019. Since then, she has worked alongside Elisabeth Borne, who has tasked her with presenting the bill to the National Assembly anti-waste.

The closing speech of Brune Poirson, this January 21, 2020, is the reverse of classic political interventions, cautious or bloated. Imagined, rational, it presents deputies with an hour of their daily life when the measures have been voted. Mrs. Poirson talks to them about their morning shower, their children’s breakfast cereals, up to and including baby diapers. It’s probably not very formal, but freedom of tone goes hand in hand with conviction.

She does not hide the fact that some people would have liked more but that unrealism is dangerous as much as dishonest. It is easy to advocate virtuous “positive value loops”. It is less easy to convince the construction industry to participate financially in the multiplication of recycling centers, or to pass on a return to the returnable bottle – for which it also fought a lot.

Politics, your unforgiving universe…

Whoever becomes known attracts criticism. The dazzling career of the young woman who is not the “seraglio” (she was elected in March 2019 vice-president of the United Nations Environment Assembly for a two-year term) does not only cause praise. Others recall that Veolia received the Pinocchio prize, ironically awarded by Friends of the Earth, pointing the finger at multinationals for bad environmental actions.

Her political peers are not always tender either … Hubert Védrine, former socialist minister who defends her, evokes “a form of hazing”.

Brune Poirson will ironically confirm to the senators his difference, launching them “I am young, I am a little silly, I have less experience than you, I am not political” …

Whatever. Tenac