Janicka began her career in 1987 at Cogedim, where in less than three months she sold her first building.

By selling a building to Japanese investors, that year it opened up the Japanese property market in France.

She was the first female director of real estate for the Japanese and foreign market in France for large groups.

She did not know at the time that she was the first woman leader to achieve such a feat.

Janicka has always been a visionary woman. She was born into a family of visionaries and her mother passed on this faculty to her.

In 1993, she had the vision of creating, for the first time in a French bank, an intermediation department. For Crédit Lyonnais, where she was a member of the board of directors.

It was the first time that such a service had been created in a bank. She advised Crédit Lyonnais on real estate investments.

Nothing stopped him. She carried out the largest real estate transaction (sale of the Forum des Halles to Unibail) when she was eight and a half months pregnant. And on the day of the final signing, she came with her daughter who was 17 days old.

It had a portfolio of several thousand investors.

She has advised more than 5 billion real estate assets during her career.

In 2008, she created her own family estate with her sister in Austria.

In 2012, she created with Belbex the first portal for institutional investors in Europe.

In 2012, at the end of the year, WWIRE world Women in real estate created the first network of women in international real estate, which today has more than 45,000 contacts.

2016 she helps the development of radio Immo and gets a review on it.

2019 World Women In Real Estate is taking a real turn and refurbishment of the site network and preparation for the creation of the club to help women of advantage to develop their business and their leadership in the real estate world.

Janicka Bassis


  • Bio Janicka”Since 1990, Janicka Bassis has been listening to and serving female careers in the real estate sector.” “Janicka Bassis has made it her mission to create an enriching sphere of mutual aid. It combines the verbs to undertake and to succeed in the feminine ”

    Janicka Bassis, founder of WWIRE created in 2012 today has more than 45,000 contacts in 51 countries. Janicka Bassis was one of the first women directors on the French real estate capital markets. It presents the objectives and impact of WWIRE’s image for 2020. WWIRE provides women in real estate with the tools to develop their business and grow their network. www.wwire.eu

    After 30 years of career, Janicka Bassis has decided to devote herself to female leadership in the real estate sector around the world. Its mission is to create a rewarding sphere of mutual aid for women entrepreneurs. Today Janicka has more than 30,000 executive contacts in the real estate world in France and abroad.