Gloria Moss

Gloria Moss PhD FCIPD specializes in how an inclusive culture within organizations can improve employee productivity, motivation and mental well-being while increasing customer satisfaction. The secret is inclusive leadership, a style that can unleash the creativity and motivation of employees, strengthen the spirit of diversity that will be reflected in the workplace and that will also understand the needs of the client. The wonders of this style are described in his new book Inclusive Leadership (Routledge), published in 2019 (see Loraine Martins, Director of Diversity and Inclusion, Network Rail, published this book.

She worked as a training and development manager at Courtaulds and Eurotunnel. Her interest in organizations is reflected in her research and advice on leadership, gender marketing and teamwork, all three of which are completely interdependent. She has led projects for a number of clients, including Allen et Ovary; Fujitsu; 02; British Telecom; MME; Gué; Bayer; the employers’ network for equality and inclusion (enei) and the Foundation for higher education leadership.


Gloria is the author of six books on marketing and management. She regularly collaborates with Personnel Today, HR Magazine, The Telegraph et The Independent. His books include Personality, Design and Marketing (2017, Routledge); Gender, design and marketing (2009 and 2016, Routledge), Profiting from diversity, (2010), Lessons Profiting from diversity (2012) (the last two published by Palgrave Macmillan) and Why men like straight lines and women love peas (2014).