Cristina Lunghi

Founding President of Arborus, an NGO which promotes women in decision-making positions, Cristina Lunghi works, in collaboration with businesses and public authorities, to help them take into account the reality of the world of work in the various legislative or normative systems, on the question of equality between women and men and more generally of equal opportunities.

She was notably in charge of mission, by the Minister of Parity and Equality, Nicole Ameline, for the implementation of the Equality Label, launched in 2004. She ensures the mission of spokesperson for the Equality Label Club, created under the aegis of the government in 2006, which brings together all of the companies holding the Equality Label in France.

• Since 2004, Cristina Lunghi has created The short scale which consists in connecting women members of Arborus (godmothers), exercising responsibilities in companies and young women, graduates (godchildren), encountering difficulties of professional integration and face the risk of discrimination on the grounds of their sex, ethnic origin and / or place of residence. In 2011, this system was extended to young girls from middle schools located in disadvantaged areas so that they could benefit from the support of a woman from outside their social milieu.

This action aims to allow them to acquire new looks and positioning allowing them to make personal choices, at the decisive moment of school orientation. This approach opens up a field of possibilities and the possibility of moving towards multiple professional streams with a view to developing a mix of professions and creating a pool of mixed talents for the recruitment of young graduates.

• Cristina LUNGHI has supported companies for more than fifteen years in their approach to the sustainable integration of professional equality and inclusion in their human resources strategy and policy, through innovative approaches.

She has accompanied large groups, for the creation and establishment of many women’s networks, led numerous training courses and conferences on the subject of equality and diversity and wrote several studies and audits of HR processes, in the light of equal opportunity.

She participated in several territorial experimental projects for the establishment of professional equality in SMEs thanks to ESF funding, with the Ile de France Region, the delegation for women’s rights etc. and in particular the “Women, Men, Companies” project with professional branches and their OPCA.

• With several years of experience in the field on professional equality in the field, in 2012 it created the concept of “the garden of equality”, through which it offers businesses the opportunity to comply with the law through a online HR tool: the Equality KIT.

This system makes it possible to transform the legal obligation into a strategic opportunity for the company.


International Gender Expert UNWomen
Doctor of European law
Founding President Arborus

• Was awarded the National Order of Merit in 2008 by Nicole Ameline, former

Minister, Chairperson of the UN CEDAW Committee

• Was a member of the Parity Observatory, service of the Prime Minister from 2004 -2012

• Was a member of the AFNOR standardization committee for the diversity standard, the Diversity label and the standard on measuring diversity

• She has been a member of the Batigère Diversity Council since 2014

• She is a member of the CapitalCom Gender Observatory

• She is one of the 100 women selected in the first Expert Guide. More than

100 women specialists to enrich the debate published in 2012 by Anne Carrière editions

• She has been a member of the Elle & Co Network since 2017

• She is a member of the DANONE Ethics Committee.