Anne Delestan

Facilitator, Professional Coach, LudiCoach

Passionate about human relations and what creates links and makes them grow, Anne has always been committed to creating the conditions for links to be forged and promote development, be it individual, collective and organizational.

A maxim has always accompanied it “It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that they are difficult” (Seneca).

ilétan the expert of relational excellence October 2011

Transitions, questioning, leaving the comfort zone are part of his path, as is a 360 ° vision of the company, a living organism that is both complex and exciting.

Convinced optimist, she saw constraint as an opportunity to stimulate creativity, to reinvent herself, to surpass herself. Her mission as a coach and facilitator is to bring intensity and fun to the business. “Switch” constraints and complexities into opportunities for human progress and growth.


Founder Elansité, professional coach certified Paris 8 University EMCC accredited, Specialized in managerial progress and in relational commercial posture, facilitator of evolution and change, Anne Delestan is also a full member and solidarity coach within the European Coaching Association (EMCC ) and volunteer coach with the Force Femmes association.


Operational experience (sales and team leadership) in a large French bank, 10 years of consulting with a double cap of consultant and salesperson, 10 years of entrepreneurship characterize his career. Professional coach and facilitator since 2010.

A point of honor in the facilitation approach: relying on the foundations that we have built in order to better understand what remains to be built.

Starting from the existing, revealing what preexists to enhance it and make it grow, looking for the nuggets in presence (assets, skills, potential, success), injecting lightness, play and fun are some of the markers of his approach. Customers particularly appreciate the benevolent confrontation to be jostled enough and move forward, explore, innovate in security.

Convinced that the next advances are first human before being technological, she commits to your side to live your changes as incredible opportunities to grow. And this, by working and activating 3 essential dimensions: effective and creative cooperation, caring, inspiring and fun management, a posture of customer service both internally and externally.

Some of its playing fields: CJD (center for young leaders), Komet, Société Générale, Crédit Agricole, Banque Populaire, Essilor, IESEG, BNP PARIBAS, Keolis, Léon de Bruxelles, Logista, ERDF, Restos du Coeur. …