Alexandra Grouasil

BIRDS CONSEIL which intervenes within the framework of personalized professional support for a person, a team, or an organization, the aim of which is to efficiently and optimally achieve its operational objectives and / or behavioral.

The practitioner provides the coachee with the means to find their own resources for themselves.

The BIRDS CONSEIL team has a dozen qualified professional coaches to best adapt to the needs of its customers.

By becoming the preferred partner, BIRDS CONSEIL organizes for WWIRE members:

  • conferences,
  • participatory training,
  • practical workshops,
  • individual coaching sessions,
  • group coaching sessions.

Themes such as “women and the glass ceiling”, “female leadership”, “female career and experience sharing”, “emotional intelligence”, “woman, self-esteem and self-confidence are perfectly mastered by BIRDS CONSEIL and are part of support for women to access key positions in organizations and institutions and to keep them in their positions.


Alexandra Grouasil acts as executive coach advisor within Birds Conseil

and President of her Women Entrepreneurs Association

Its certifications & tools:

  • Professional coach (Coach & Team. Transformance Pro, Vincent Lenhardt)
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming Base (Paul Pyronnet Institute)
  • Certificate of Aptitude for the Profession of Lawyer (CAPA)
  • Global Operations Management Certificate (University of Irvine, CA. USA)

His few words:

“I believe in the performance of organizations and in human development. I believe in meetings, strengths and synergies.

I create an alliance with my “champions”. I want to act as a booster and help restore your vitality and confidence for more autonomy and therefore freedom in your potential of development.

I am the kind and demanding partner of your transformation. “

His favorite subjects are:

  • Individual coaching and team coaching
  • Legal world (lawyers, law firm, legal departments, notaries, Intellectual property advice ..)
  • International and multicultural
  • Leadership of women leaders