Cooperation builder: playing the card of solidarity and emulation between women entrepreneurs

Coaching organized by WWIRE and led by Anne Delestan
in WEBINAR due to VIRUS COVID-19 and containment.

“play the card of solidarity and emulation between women entrepreneurs, managers and leaders”

Choosing cooperation, mutual aid, partnership rather than competition results from a commitment. The step back imposed by the current crisis offers us the opportunity to create new cooperation practices that generate growth. Now is a good time to decide to open rather than close, to put into action and behavior the adage that unity is strength. To choose union is to deploy your strength to transform this period of confinement into a capsule of renewal in your relationship with yourself and in your relationship with others. To choose union is to develop our fragility, our vulnerability highlighted by this crisis, into action forces. To choose the union is to seize the creativity offered by the constraint. Choosing the union means deciding to preserve the existing (the job) AND the economic recovery. To choose the union is to decide individually and collectively what we are going to create and put in place to produce a new entrepreneurial and corporate history made of human progress AND economic growth. Cooperation is a vital element for growth at the individual, collective and societal level. A fortiori in the current context which redistributes the cards and leads us to redraw the 5 elements: education, economy, business, environment, health by abandoning the logic of “fighting against” for that of “Unite for”. This cooperative and cooperative development and strengthening workshop aims to create the switch effect so that good living in business coexists with economic growth.


✓ Build community and support among entrepreneurs, managers, leaders.

✓ Share and confront a base of “effective practices”.

✓ Identify concrete solutions that are immediately applicable to its operational problems. operational.

✓ Bring other visions to life.

✓ Break the isolation.

✓ Prepare the new momentum.


The program is organized around the projects, concerns and operational situations brought up by the participants.
The workshop is built on alternating sequences of co-development, collective intelligence, training, fun activities. The workshop promotes and strengthens:

    • B watchfulness
    • E cost
    • R self-esteem
    • R respect for the other
    • R responsibility
    • E ntraide
    • T olérance


Resolutely PRACTICAL training, which is built from the “LIVING” provided by the participants. The pedagogical approach is guided by the objective of bringing participants to anchor cooperative behavior in an effective and sustainable manner. The emphasis is on CONSCIOUSNESS and ACTION to promote flexibility, decision-making and creativity. The appropriation over time is facilitated by the contribution of personalized behavioral FEED-BACK offered by the coach and the group, by analysis of practices and the implementation of new and adapted solutions.

Group: Session limited to 10 participants in face-to-face and 6 in distance.
Duration: from 6 p.m.

Prix : PRICE: in these exceptional times, exceptional measures. During the confinement period, the workshop is offered (until May 15). The rate which then applies is € 95 excl. Tax per person, 10% of which will be donated to hospitals in Paris

Founder Elansité, professional coach certified Paris 8 University EMCC accredited, Specialized in managerial progress and in relational commercial posture, facilitator of evolution and change, Anne Delestan is also a full member and solidarity coach within the European Coaching Association (EMCC ) and volunteer coach with the Force Femmes association.


Operational experience (sales and team leadership) in a large French bank, 10 years of consulting with a double cap of consultant and salesperson, 10 years of entrepreneurship characterize his career. Professional coach and facilitator since 2010.

A point of honor in the facilitation approach: relying on the foundations that we have built in order to better understand what remains to be built.

Starting from the existing, revealing what preexists to enhance it and make it grow, looking for the nuggets in presence (assets, skills, potential, success), injecting lightness, play and fun are some of the markers of his approach. Customers particularly appreciate the benevolent confrontation to be jostled enough and move forward, explore, innovate in security.

Convinced that the next advances are first human before being technological, she commits to your side to live your changes as incredible opportunities to grow. And this, by working and activating 3 essential dimensions: effective and creative cooperation, caring, inspiring and fun management, a posture of customer service both internally and externally.

Some of its playing fields: CJD (center for young leaders), Komet, Société Générale, Crédit Agricole, Banque Populaire, Essilor, IESEG, BNP PARIBAS, Keolis, Léon de Bruxelles, Logista, ERDF, Restos du Coeur. …