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12:00pm-12:05pm                    EBW Day Opening

                                                     Music by Jackie Venson


12:05pm-12:08pm                    Introduction and Welcome 

Rhonda Parouty, President, EBW

Why she chose EBW and why she chose it Now


12:08pm-12:15pm                    EBW: Our Journey to 2020 

                                                     Ingrid Vanderveldt, Founder & CEO EBW


SHEconomy: A Global Perspective Panel: 

Panel Format:

Ingrid will welcome each panelist individually

After Ingrid welcomes you be prepared with:

  • 1-2 sentences on you and your current role/business
  • Perspective on the Social, Health, Economic (the SHEconomy) environment for women in your country. (2-3 mins)
  • Any positive outcomes you see around these factors (1 min)


12:15pm-12:19pm                      Fatos Esra Ozal – Turkey

                                                       Archaeologist/ Travel Consultant


12:19pm-12:23pm                     Janika Bassis – France

 Founder of WWIRE World Women In Real Estate


12:23pm-12:27pm                     Julie Seebree – United States

 Vice President of Procurement

 Envision Health


12:27pm-12:31pm                     Miri Berger – Israel

 CEO and Co-Founder 6Degrees


12:31pm-12:35pm                    Feryal Abdullah Nass – Bahrain

Founder and Chairwoman 

Bahrain Entrepreneurship Organization


12:35pm-12:45pm                   Joint Panel with Ingrid and Speakers

After all 5 panelists have had their individual moment, Ingrid will bring the group together for Q&A.  Be prepared to discuss:

  • According to the SBA, in America, less than 5% of government budgets go to women owned small businesses. As you think about enterprise and government leaders who hold the budgets allocated to working with outside vendors, how can they do a better job of working with women owned small businesses?
  • What advice would you give women who are looking to start, grow or scale their business?


12:45pm-12:50pm                    Ingrid introduces Cynthia Barnes 

EBW Education & HR EBW Cares

                                                     Cynthia shares her story with EBW 


12:52pm-12:55pm                    Closing Note and Happy Birthday with Ingrid


12:55pm-1:00pm                    Final Song

Music by Jackie Venson



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