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Are you planning an international career?

Do you want to develop your business in a new country?

Today there are many opportunities open to you beyond our borders, so why hesitate?

If the answer seems obvious, in practice it is not as simple as it seems. Attractive perspectives, a different way of life all combine to try the adventure without hesitation. A rewarding and memorable experience is open to you, however, you must take into account a certain number of parameters, years of experience, family, children, spouse, change of culture, language barrier, uses, work and labor regulations. business, among others.

If international adventure is an opportunity for you today, come and meet Chhaya Mathur Saint Ramon, on the occasion of the conference WWIRE

Her professional journey through several countries, for many years, have allowed Chhaya to share multiple cultures and live different experiences, she has become an essential expert in international careers.

Today Chhaya Mathur Saint Ramon supports companies and their teams internationally to help them develop the skills and competences necessary to evolve and thrive in an international environment.