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Women are increasingly being seen as more vulnerable than men to the impacts of climate change, mainly because they represent the majority of the worlds poor and are proportionally more dependent on threatened natural resources. 

Real estate drives approximately 39 percent of the total world’s global emissions.
Can we as Humans do something to improve this before 2025 when already 3 billion people will not have access to drinkable water?

Please help us react now and join our next Women Forum on Sustainable Real Estate on May 31st  from 12:00 PM to 2 PM Paris time (CET)


Tell us how you and your companies can help us to make real estate more sustainable?
Find out how women leaders are making our world more sustainable in real estate.
Join our prominent panel on May 31st, 2022:

1: Gwennaele Chabroullet Managing Director Arp-Astrancee leaders in advising construction companies on sustainable real estate along with the importance of Biodiversity. Gwennaele will give us examples of how they are establishing better biodiversity in urban planning throughout France.

2: Deborah Fritz CEO and co-founder of getMYRE.com  a Proptech platform to improve asset management. Deborah will discuss with us how their platform can help companies impact their building performance and verify the CO2 levels of commercial buildings.

3: Cristina Lunghi CEO of Arborus.org  A UN Women Expert and founder of the first certified Label for gender equality. Cristina will discuss how Gender equality can impact our society.

4: Dorota Prochowicz Dorota is in Poland and has been working with the Ukrainian refugees of which 50% are children. She will be giving us an update in Poland and how they are handling over 2.5 million refugees and will be talking about her NGO on  ESG as well as affordable and sustainable housing in Poland

5: Pia Maria Goosen President / Gründungsvorstand Feminin Pluriel Berlin and will discuss how Digital Real Estate meets ESG
6: Anne Claire  Barberi MRICS | CSR & Innovation Director at PERIAL will be speaking about how we can dynamize the construction team to create a more sustainable real estate portfolio.
7: Dr. Khaled Al Mezayen  CEO/Co-founder chez InovaYa is a specialist in water innovative solutions designed for the development aid sector and water recycling. Dr. Khaled will give us an update on the water shortage problem around the world and his work with NGOs. He will also discuss how we will be able to save water in our buildings.
8: Catherine Guyot President of French Women architects and will discuss the leading role of Women architects to make the building more sustainable buildings around the world.


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