Immoweek, news & connexions immobilières est le média de référence du secteur depuis 1992.

Fondé par Pascal Bonnefille et Valérie Garnier, et proposant aux professionnels et utilisateurs l’ensemble des supports d’information, du papier (le mag Immoweek paraît 5 fois par an) au digital (le site le 13h de l’immobilier / les immomails…) en passant par les iPodcasts (sur des thématiques essentielles), Immoweek a pour volonté d’ informer et de rassembler.

Avec la création des Pierres d’Or, puis des Trophées Logement et Territoires, puis des Trophées ImmoParité, Immoweek s’impose comme l’organisateur des trois rendez-vous clés de la profession, soutenus par deux Cercles professionnels d’exception : le Cercle Pierres d’Or, présidé par Marc-Antoine Jamet (LVMH) qui réunit lauréats et nommés et constitue le jury des Pierres d’Or, et dont la devise dit tout : « excellence et réussite ».

Mais aussi le Cercle Pierres d’Angle qui fédère les responsables de communication et de marketing du secteur, afin de partager les « bonnes pratiques » et de favoriser l’innovation et la parité dans le secteur.



les Pierres d’Or Comment ça marche

La procédure de sélection des nominés est réalisée par le jury, composé par les membres du Cercle Pierres d’Or Immoweek (qui comprend par les seuls professionnels ayant obtenu une Pierre d’Or ou ayant été nommés au moins deux fois aux Pierres d’Or Immoweek), accompagné par le comité de rédaction d’Immoweek (comprenant les journalistes de la rédaction) ?

Le jury sélectionne pour chaque catégorie (investisseurs/ promoteurs/ conseils/ asset, property, facility managers/ utilisateurs/ managers/ programmes / développement durable/ professionnel de l’année) cinq noms de personnalités.

Le jury désigne également, par un vote direct de ses membres la Pierre d’Or « prix spécial du jury ». Les nominations sont ensuite soumises au vote des professionnels. Les abonnés d’Immoweek sont les premiers à recevoir leur bulletin, puis deux autres scrutins sont organisés : un bulletin de vote nominatif est proposé à tous les participants au Simi, début décembre et chacun peut également, nominativement, voter sur le site

Il est procédé ensuite au dépouillement : la Pierre d’Or est attribuée au professionnel ayant obtenu le plus grand nombre de voix.



We are the world’s #1 ecosystem connecting the world’s top, trusted global brands, policy makers and media outlets seeking to allocate $1B in capital and contracts to qualified, vetted & trained women leaders and CEO’s.

With these resources this new generation of CEO’s are expected to grow ventures that collectively create over $100B in social and economic impact across the globe by 2030.  In this way, we are proud to empower women and the global brands they do business with and change the world for good, together.

Our Purpose:  To empower women to build a global sustainable future through the elevation of women, and to demystify and democratize access to driving revenue and access to capital resources for women everywhere.

Our Vision:   A financial empowerment organization that uses our trusted relationships, experiences and data to bridge women leaders and entrepreneurs and the corporations seeking to do business with them.

Our Mission:  To create a global sustainable future through the empowerment of women & diverse leaders.

Our Goal:  To Become the #1 Financial Empowerment Community for Women Worldwide with an impact to “Empower a Billion Women”.

Our How:  Our solutions help women create and grow the business they love.  EBW makes it easy by developing proprietary solutions and curating the tools, tech and resources from corporations we know and trust into our one-stop-shop to support women from start, growth and scale.

We deliver a complete system, combining mentorship & training along with products and services, to current and future female entrepreneurs, which will allow them to build businesses of sustained value and create the economic & social progress the world desires. We are a global movement giving inspired women of purpose and impact access to mentorship, community, education, financial literacy and a powerful network to succeed as leaders and entrepreneurs.  Our proprietary approach, data and software MintHER allows us to 1) help women gain confidence and clarity over their finances (74% of small business fail due to lack of financial literacy) and 2) match women and capital/ contracts to help them grow and get over the $1M annual revenue mark (currently less than 1.4% of women do).

Using technology & community, we are democratizing and scaling mentorship for women with a mission to “change the ratio” and with a goal to Empower a Billion Women by 2020. Together, we are creating a global sustainable future for all generations.

Our Why:  Women reinvest 90% of what they earn back into their families, communities and ultimately the world.  The more women make, the more they impact.  By helping women worldwide make more doing what they love- together we will create jobs, impact and the global sustainable future we all envision for future generations.

Our Impact:  Through our partners, our system and our Foundation- to impact a billion women globally to inspire them with the tools, tech and resources to be successful leaders and entrepreneurs.

Our Results:  Leveraging our partner network and our innovative analytics and fintech software to allocated $1B in contracts and capital to women led business owners.

As the world is lurching towards an unknown new normal with the pandemic, the Women’s Forum’s mission to redesign a more inclusive world becomes even more urgent and critical. When diversity might be at risk of losing its momentum worldwide, now is the time for us to take bolder action and foster inclusion in our businesses, communities and societies to tap into the power of our collective action. It is the time for us to embrace women’s leadership and leverage our collective ingenuity to fight existing challenges and co-create a brighter future for all. In this time of uncertainty, we strengthen our conviction to turn challenges into opportunities and explore new horizons to reinvent ourselves. 


With the very first virtual Global Meeting, this November will be an opportunity for us to meet again virtually after the crisis. We will continue our daring dialogues and cross-pollinate our ideas and innovations for an inclusive recovery where leaders and change-makers worldwide, both women and men, are inspired to redefine the norms, and reshape the new world map. We strive to bridge not only virtual and physical worlds, but also connect more than 25,000 change-makers from different sectors, across cultures and generation at this transformative Meeting. We invite you to join our community to take action and commitments to lead positive changes and to forge our future with a common purpose. Together, we will seize this moment to drive forward our inclusive progress!  

SATEC Group, Insurance broker leader on the Real Estate and Construction markets.

With an insured heritage of more than 60 million m² and the coverage of the realization of +2 billion € of works per year, we support many Landlords, Institutional and Public Lessors, Property Administrators, Promoters , Building Professionals and Companies and real estate professionals of all sizes and put our expertise and digital solutions at their disposal.

Our experts are a driving force in the development of our services for companies in the Real Estate and Construction sectors.

Contact them!

World number 1 in commercial real estate, CBRE offers its services to companies, owners and investors from all over the world.

Whether it’s advice, marketing, space planning, investment, property management, or even expertise, we have the capacity to mobilize all of our network, in Paris, in the region with 37 locations in France and all over the world with a presence in more than 60 countries.

In France, 1,300 employees, passionate about real estate, build personalized responses for our customers, whether it is to enhance their attractiveness for their employees, improve operational performance, or to conquer new markets. We help companies see real estate as an opportunity to create value.

In 2018, we achieved gross revenues of € 312.5 million in France.

Who are we?

Since 2007, Groupe Babylone has developed its operational expertise on the property consultancy market in the Paris region. Our clients are professionals, businesses and individuals and we work on three types of assets: offices, commercial premises and residential. Our services cover marketing, investor advice and property management.

An original positioning

A mixture of daring, creativity, a desire to convince and to do well to satisfy our customers form our particularity. Groupe Babylone is an independent company, founded by entrepreneurs who have taken their place in a competitive environment, where the brand must know how to impose itself. We monitor this value every day, growing steadily and steadily.


Why choose Groupe Babylone?

We are a company on a human scale, on a good scale and we trust our employees. They co-opt most of the time and know how to find high potential talents in their environment who will take care of a state of mind that we have always wanted to be open, competitive, friendly and above all professional.

Well-being and the flow of information are assets that we must preserve, even when the business grows. Our customers come back and show real encouragement by renewing the missions.




The consideration for the accessibility of the information is an additional requirement relating to the issue of confidentiality and conflicts of interest. The data entrusted to us as well as financial information or rental statements require discipline and everyone’s responsibility.

Founded in 1994, Altarea Cogedim is today the only group in France operating across all activities in the real estate sector: commerce, housing and office. From this unique integrated model is born a new know-how in the realization of large mixed projects, which thus positions Altarea Cogedim as the first real estate developer of the territories in France.

Agile and innovative, driven by a true entrepreneurial culture, the Group has developed a strong regional presence, a guarantee of profitable and sustainable growth. A key player in the city and its metropolises, Altarea Cogedim positions itself as a general interest partner that listens to cities, their inhabitants and their users: the Group offers its customers urban solutions on a human scale, and this, while respecting the environment.
Alongside the regions, our 2,000 employees, led by Alain Taravella, president and founder, mobilize and innovate every day to implement our vision: to undertake for the city by developing real neighborhoods of cities in adequacy with major societal, ecological, territorial, technological transitions and creating the urban value of tomorrow.

Listed on compartment A of Euronext Paris since 2004, Altarea has a market capitalization of 2.9 billion euros as of June 30, 2019.

Ivanhoe Cambridge

Ivanhoé Cambridge develops and invests in high-quality properties, projects and real estate companies, which shape the urban fabric of dynamic cities around the world.

The way people live, work and play is constantly changing. At Ivanhoé Cambridge, we create living spaces that meet the needs and aspirations of users. Because beyond the buildings, there is a whole world.

Ivanhoé Cambridge develops and invests in high-quality properties, projects and real estate companies, which shape the urban fabric of dynamic cities around the world. It does so responsibly in order to generate long-term performance. Ivanhoé Cambridge is committed to creating living spaces that promote the well-being of people and communities, while reducing its ecological footprint.

Vertically integrated in Canada, Ivanhoé Cambridge partners with strategic partners and major real estate funds elsewhere in the world who are leaders in their markets. Through subsidiaries and partnerships, it holds interests in over 1,000 buildings, primarily in the office, shopping center, industrial / logistics and residential sectors. Its real estate assets amounted to nearly C $ 65 billion as of December 31, 2018. Ivanhoé Cambridge is a real estate subsidiary of the Caisse de depot et placement du Quebec ( ), one of the largest institutional fund managers in Canada.

Groupe Optim is an independent French company created 22 years ago by 4 partners who still run the business today.

We operate everywhere in France, from the design to the completion of your work and your layouts on all types of assets with a strong base with recurring or punctual French and international user customers and any size.

The company based in Ivry sur Seine is made up of 60 employees and is structured around 4 operational areas:

  • Architecture and Design
  • Construction economics
  • Global engineering and fluid design office
  • Realization, coordination and management of works

We mainly work in the AMO and General Contracting trades, which represent respectively 15 and 85% of our annual turnover which amounted to 27.2 million euros in 2018 and that we project to more than 32 million in 2019.

Each year we deliver and fit out more than 120,000 m2 of offices and industrial premises as part of our multi-year contracts or following ad hoc consultations on entire buildings or macro-lots .

Our size, our experience, our ability to listen and understand, our reactivity, our strength of proposal and the relationship of trust that we have with our partners are decisive assets to continue to serve well. our customers and grow.

We also have a strong purchasing culture with our suppliers and we have established lasting partnerships with all of our service providers in all trades and all territories, this which assures us relevance, reactivity and competitiveness during the establishment of our offers and especially in the implementation and execution of our sites.

Its new area of ​​development is now in energy with the launch of climate engineering and energy efficiency solutions under the OptimEnergie brand.

Committing to parity

Being a responsible and social company also means committing to the parity and equality of women and men within the company. Get professional support and get the certified gender parity label and help make your company an attractive model business